Subject Groups focused on pedagogic practice and research in the UK:

The Council for Higher Education in Art & Design

An association of educational institutions with degree or postgraduate provision in art and design. Its mission is to contribute to the development of the A&D community, its standing and stature as well as its engagement with the outside world.

The Group for Learning in Art & Design (UK)

The Group for Learning in Art and Design (GLAD) was established in 1990. It is a non-affiliated group of academics advocating Art, Design and Media from across higher education institutions plus colleagues from the specialist further education sector.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) 

A professional association and an independent trade union. A national authority concerned with art, craft and design across all phases of education in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom Arts and Design Institutions Association (ukadia)

A group of specialist arts and design institutions from across the UK’s higher and further education sectors. Aims promote, nationally and internationally, the key contributions of specialist colleges to the UK’s world-renowned reputation in visual arts, performance and the creative and cultural industries. Also to provide a network to widen participation in Higher Education and encourage mobility into professions serving the creative and cultural industries.